Welcome to our website Fotokiklosi S.A.

Who we are?

Fotokiklosi S.A. is a nonprofit e-waste producer responsibility organization approved by the Greek Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change in 2009. We represent more than 200 Producers (Manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment)

What is our objective?

Our mission is:

-To improve the country’s waste collection and recycling rates, so Greece can reach the European targets

-To raise awareness for businesses and consumers on effective recycling methods and the benefits of recycling under the principles of environmental protection,

-To implement the legislation regarding management, collection, processing and recycling of WEEE

What we can achieve?

With proper management of WEEE and promotion of recycling, we can reduce the volume of waste, reduce environmental pollutants, save energy, contribute to the circular economy and improve our living conditions and health by respecting natural resources.

What results we achieve?

We reach the European collection targets and our treatment operators achieve more that 80% recycle/recovery rates, in a responsible, organized, systematic and effective manner according to European standards.

Who audit us?

The Hellenic Recycling Agency (H.R.A.) is the major auditor for all producer responsibility organizations. Our system annually is audited by H.R.A. through annual reports (management / operational) and exceptional audits.

Our message

Give your electrical & electronic waste a chance for second life

Don’t throw away your Lamps – luminaires – Small household Appliances

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“A little effort can make a big difference!”